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Are you ready to build a PLAN for Consistent Coins?

Being an entrepreneur is NOT easy, and trust me, I've learned plenty of do's & don't during my 8 years of experience scaling companies to 5, 6, ad 7 figures... Having a coach who has walked your path, and being provided the building blocks for success can really be the missing piece to the puzzle!


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Take the Guesswork out of Growing your Business

You've spent enough time  'just trying to figure it out'... It's time to get clear, action oriented, and making MONEY! Let's walk through the steps I took for success and push through your roadblocks!


Your purchase comes with 1 year access to the course materials! Join each session live each week, or catch up at your leisure. Either way, the pace is up to you. Your investment is risk-free with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


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Normally  $1,250


Stop feeling 'stuck' in your business...

When you are 'goin' through it' in your personal life, who do call...? Your bestie!!! And THAT'S precisely why you need a BUSINESS Bestie. Someone who understands your path, can relate to your troubles, and provide excellent feedback & solutions to get you towards your goal. A bestie won't let you sit in your woes and run into a brick wall- NO. Especially not if your bestie has already run head first into the same wall, and can see the signs a mile away to give you a 'heeey, don't run into that wall' yell across the road!

And what's BETTER than having a bestie, is having a BUSINESS bestie that has been there, walked the walk, can TRULY talk the talk, and is willing to be an open book to share with you how they did it. Most people will skim the surface, but when you know your calling is to be a conduit of change, you do what is needed to change lives! (and businesses... :))

Since I quit my cushy corporate job at Microsoft in 2014, I've been a scrappy and hustling' full time entrepreneur. I have over 6 years of experience running businesses, and I've launched multiple 6 and 7 figure companies over the years! I've been through some of the lowest lows while being a bootstrapping entrepreneur, and have experienced some EXTREMELY high highs! I've seen $60k months back to back, and $20k Product Launches. They say, 'speak what you want into the existence', and I'd like to say, 'I'm a MONEYMAGNET!' EVERYTHING attached to me wins! (Now you say it too...!)

I'm looking to build the next wave of THRIVING entrepreneurs, and do it hand in hand! I took TOO long, to do too many things, simply because I was stubborn, and wanted to do it on my own. I won't let you make that mistake...

​It takes courage to be an entrepreneur, but it also takes: support, 'how-to' & the right people in your corner. 

Yes, I'm Ready!

Limited Time Pricing

Seriously, it probably won't be this rate again...

Normally $1,250

Now Only $746

[ Establishing Brand Value ]

Make your brand stand out amongsts the rest! It's more than a random nice photo!

Learn to make strategic moves that create trust and loyalty amongst your customers that will have them spending with you time and time again!

[ Make It & KEEP It ]

Your price point does NOT determine your ceiling! Make $10k with an $8 product!

Learn how to get sales, and keep them coming in. Learn what tools you need, and Build your roadmap towards financial freedom!

[ Growth & Scale ]

Are you thinking BIG?? Don't make mistakes and risk throwing money down the drain...

Whether you're trying to launch or you're taking it to a million dollar mark, there are key things to consider and do when trying to grow a business. 

Program Details

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  • One Payment! One low price!
  • (Live) Weekly One Hour Class Sessions
  • (Live) Weekly Q&A Sessions
  • 24/7 Access to My Community Resources
  • 1 Year Access to all recorded materials
  • Tailored coaching for your business, from Keisha


  • BRANDING & MARKETING:  How to acquire the ideal customer for your business and KEEP them coming back!

  • IDENTITY: Trust is important! Do they know you?? Does it matter?? How to create a business people believe in and want to spend money with over and over!

  • SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY: You're on it anyways, use it the RIGHT way! See the blueprint on how I've made over $1 Million in Sales using just FB and Instagram!

  • PRODUCT VALUE: High price, or low price products?? Does it matter?? How do I get people to BUY?? See my strategy for how I sell $8 Bonnets to make THOUSANDS!

  • ENTREPRENEURIAL MINDSET: How to become the CEO that leads in revenue & spirit.

  • BUSINESS FOUNDATIONALS: Is your business structure correct, is it protected? Have you asked yourself the right questions to be sure you're in order? Let's work through it...

  • FINANCE: Learn how to make money AND keep it.

  • AND SO MUCH MORE. Each week you have the opportunity to dive in to YOUR business and what's plaguing you. We walk hand in hand through your day-to-day roadblocks.


I love that the course takes you through the entire process. From launch, to growth. It was good for everybody! Keisha gave us every step that a first time business owner needs to know instead of just diving in. 

Larieka, New Jersey
T-Shirt Co.

 I like that you were able to ask question freely without being judged. Keisha was very knowledgeable and relatable. I really like that you were able to go back and watch classes. Everything about this course was really great. I learned so much even about stuff I thought I knew, This course was worth every dollar!! 

Courtney, New York
Boutique Owner

I learned so much about how to maximize the audience I already have. And half way through the course, my sales started to pick up! After just the first session, I started to make changes in how I ran my business, and they WORKED. Keisha is awesome!

Shanita, Dallas
Wig Maker

Still on the fence, and want to learn more about why I'm such a kick a** coach??

Who is Keisha?

I'll teach you everything I know about starting, operating, and scaling a business from 6 years experience, over $2 Million in sales, 4 companies, and many, many mistakes that you can avoid. 

You're interested, but you have a few questions? Maybe these will help! 

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