TikTok 101! From fear to 10k in 8 weeks!

Walking you through how I grew 10k followers on TikTok in 8 weeks!

What you'll get:

  • Immediate access to this class, which was part of the most recent session of my Business Bestie Intensives ($1200+ class)!
  • My process on how to shift from being scared of content.
  • How to interact with videos, other than aimless scrolling
  • How to create videos, easily from the beginning.
  • How to engage with TikTok audience, and why it's different from other platforms.
  • We will begin talking about how to take a following and monetize it. 


Honestly, I was super scared of TikTok- reels! Even being someone who has been on social media for the last 10 years growing businesses, there was something intimidating about TikTok! But I wanted to just try! Have you had that urge too??

So in May 2022, I jumped in with no plan (breaking all the rules lol), and I just observing how to do it. Then, I began making content! The response was BANANAS, being new to the platform!! Within days, community was building on my page! And the cool part is, I was NOT selling anything. Just building relationships & sharing- the foundation to building a community of trust.

Within four weeks, FOUR videos of mine have over 300,000 views! And one just crossed 800,000 views in 5 weeks!

Today, my TikTok videos have gotten me featured In Buzzfeed, Yahoo Finance, AfroTech, BoredPanda, and more!!! I’ve seen millions of views on my content, and TikTok was a catapult for my brand.

So now, I'm going to walk you through how I got over my fears of TikTok, and started to make content that works!

I'll show you what I 'observe/research' when i'm scrolling and learning from other creators, and i'll show you how I then go and create my own TikTok world that generates buzz.

If you're a little scared of TikTok & reels, this is for you! I got you, I know what it's like... Then I took the ball, and ran with it!

I'm excited to teach you what I know! As of October 7th, i'm at 65,100 followers on TikTok, and getting paid for content creating. It's pretty cool! This class is the intro to how I broke through my fears! Start here! :)

What People Are Saying:

Giiiirl.... you did that!

Sarah J.

I'm excited to make some content now! I just have to get started! Your clss helped a lot. Thanks!


Yo Keish, this class was amazing! You taught me SO much!


This class was amazing! wow! I love Keisha, i've been following her and WOW!


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