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TikTok 101! From fear to 10k in 8 weeks!

Walking you through how I grew 10k followers on TikTok in 8 weeks!

What you'll get:

  • Live class on June 21st, where you can ask questions, and then access to the recording for 6 weeks!
  • How to interact with videos, other than aimless scrolling
  • How to create videos, easily from the beginning.
  • How to engage with TikTok audience, and why it's different from other platforms.
  • We will begin talking about how to take a following and monetize it.


Honestly, I was super scared of TikTok- reels! Even being someone who has been on social media for the last 10 years growing businesses, there was something intimidating about TikTok! But I wanted to just try! Have you had that urge too??

So 8 weeks ago, I jumped in with no plan (breaking all the rules lol), and I just observing how to do it. Then, I began making content! The response was BANANAS, being new to the platform!! Within days, community was building on my page! And the cool part is, I was NOT selling anything. Just building relationships & sharing- the foundation to building a community of trust.

Within the last two weeks, FOUR videos of mine have over 300,000 views! And one just crossed 800,000 views today! So now, I'm going to walk you through how I got over my fears of TikTok, and started to make content that works!

I'll show you what I 'observe/research' when i'm scrolling and learning from other creators, and i'll show you how I then go and create my own TikTok world that generates buzz.

If you're a little scared of TikTok & reels, this is for you! I got you, I know what it's like... Then I took the ball, and ran with it!

I'm excited to teach you what I know!