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OMG, Look at YOU!! You’re here, READY to take your business UP!! The amazing BONUS about you taking advantage of this early bird opportunity is that you will have access to ALLLLL of the previous classes beginning TODAY! Yes, Today! This is the 1st time i'll be offering access to previous lessons! Before, if you weren't apart of the intensive, you just missed out! Now, you can rewatch every previous class and Q&A i've done with my students! The value is more than I’m ready to admit for this price! Lol. And trust me, this content is golden!! My students have scaled their companies, and I’ve watched them mature into such amazing CEO’s with REVENUE. After registering today, you'll be signed up for the NEXT Business Bestie Intensive, which begins June 1st, and will last for 6 weeks! (Now, before you go look at your schedule, understand that you can access materials at ANY time, and you will have access for up to a year. So even if you aren’t able to be ‘Live’ during class, that’s OKAY! (Don’t worry about it!) Beginning June 1st, we will kick off your Live participatory intensive! You will have access to 8 new lessons, and we will have a Weekly Live session where we will sit together, and I literally will just answer ANY question you need answered! Need help with shipping? Ask me! Need help learning how to grow as a CEO? Ask me! Need help with WHATEVER, ASK ME!  The amazing thing about being one of my Business Besties is that you have DIRECT access to me. Seriously, we have a weekly call together, and you can just DUMP lol. You can ask questions about the class materials, OR whatever your current needs are. I am a resource to you, and I devote time to ensuring you break through your struggles- whatever they may be!  This is a 6-week interactive program, where I provide the tools to help entrepreneurs become the CEO they dreamed of, while running their business(es) on the way to financial freedom. We are going to analyze, break down, and build a roadmap for you to achieve the goals you set out for yourself and your business. The issue is that most businesses don’t have a plan that’s set up to achieve results from the start. It may be that your target demographic isn't clear, you may have trouble with effective marketing and messaging, the branding may need work, or maybe you've been using social media just hoping that sales will fall from the sky... And lets not even talk about underestimating using email as a tool... eeek!!! So I help entrepreneurs to not only to believe in themselves as CEO’s, but to also get a better understanding of those core pillars and tools that make things easier for them in their business, and bring in repeat sales and consistent revenue. At the end of the course, you’ll end up with a blueprint and roadmap that you’ve developed specifically for your unique business that will continue momentum long past the course has ended.  Now to be clear, this isn't a program where you just sit around and take in content with the hopes to begin the work on your own after it ends. NO! We will be working during the entire program, and developing assets that will have a clear connection to your bottom line. There will be homework, and tangible assets to immediately implement in your business, but you'll also establish a long term plan and vision.  And the cool part is that the program is live, and interactive. So you will get direct answers to your questions, and even get feedback from your peers along the way, so you can make better informed business decisions. With a group like this one, I'm really looking for SERIOUS entrepreneurs who are ready to work, ready to do what it takes, and ready to receive!!! This course is NOT for you, if you want it easy, want it fast, and want it without the grind. Sorry, it won't work like that... I'm giving you the sauce, but it's up to you to make the sandwich! You are free to watch classes at ANY time, and DON’T worry if you’re never able to attend live. Every session is recorded, and made available same day. We will decide on our live session time according to what works best for your cohort. Things are made to work best for YOU. As part of the group, we build community! As an entrepreneur, we know how isolating, and difficult it can be. So I’m also building that tribe, and network, of like minded individuals so you can get the proper feedback you need- because friends and family only get you so far, and they won't be where your million dollars comes from! (Sorry to break it to you...)   This Program Includes: *EARLY REGISTRANT BONUS- (ONLY Available for those who register through 4/27) Access to previous classes and sessions! Over 30 hours of materials that you can access immediately once you register! Your Intensive will begin on June 1st, and last for 6 weeks! 8 Online Class Modules (Branding. Marketing. Finance. CEO Wisdom. Growth. Ads. Digital & Social Media. Profitability. Products. Packaging. Scaling. Efficiency. Timing. And soooo much more!) (Live) Weekly Q&A Sessions 24/7 Access to My Community Resources 1 Year Access to all recorded materials A host of downloads, materials, and templates! I have the option for you to break your payments up for ease, so feel free to look in to it! Don’t let costs limit you! I’ve made MILLIONS off the knowledge I’m opening up to you. Invest in yourself. Invest in your business. I'm looking to build the next wave of THRIVING entrepreneurs, and do it hand in hand! I took TOO long, to do too many things, simply because I was stubborn, and wanted to do it on my own. I won't let you make that mistake... Join the Program and get a leg up on the rest...  

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