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Hey! I’m Keisha! A 5x CEO, powerhouse entrepreneur, speaker, & coach. I’m here to help you with business strategies for growth, and to motivate you to be the CEO you dream of becoming!

About Me!

Hey! I’m Keisha! A 5x CEO, powerhouse entrepreneur, speaker, & coach. I’m here to help you with business strategies for growth, and to motivate you to be the CEO you dream of becoming!

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What's Business Bestie?


Business is tough. Oh, I know... 

I run a company too. And one thing I know is that having the right resources, information, and mentors, along your journey, can definitely catapult your business to million-dollar success.

I've got over 10 years of experience as a full-time entrepreneur, and have scaled multiple companies over the years! My expertise spans from new business strategy, to finance, marketing, growth strategies, 
and more...

Trust me, over 9 years, you learn a LOT,
and I teach about it ALL in class.


I'm sure we'll Chat Soon ;)!​



     Your New Bestie


"The Big Picture"


Do you have a budding idea but need help with seeing HOW and WHAT to do? As a small business strategist, I work with you to create a blueprint bound for success!



"Put The Pedal to the Metal"


So you've got a business up and running but you're looking for help with maybe marketing, social media, or some day-to-day operations? Let's get it figured out!



"It's Time to GROW"


Your business is doing well, but you want to ramp things up and make it BIG? Let's work on how to strategically scale your business to the next level!


"Life is meant to be lived!"


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About Me

CEO | Coach| Speaker

When I was just 23, I left my cushy corporate gig at Microsoft to follow my passion of being an entrepreneur.

10 years later, I’ve never looked back, and it was the BEST decision of my life!

After launching multiple companies, selling one, and reaching that “Million Dollar Revenue” milestone, I knew it was time to help others pursue & fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams.

Being a ‘Coach’ comes naturally to me, as my friends would probably describe me as ‘very hands on’ (lol), but I’d describe myself as, “easy going… with a purpose”!

In bio's, people always want to know what someone does in their spare time', lol. But I'm a MIX of so many things, lol!!

I love DIY projects, and I recently just finished renovating my ForeverHome! I began sharing my renovations journey, and my audience fell in love! It encouraged me to launch my 'umbrella brand': Kreate With Keisha! (more fun stuff coming soon!)

My belief is that 'Anything you can dream of, you can KREATE!' That mantra spans into your business, your home, your space, your mind, and even your health!

I truly enjoy solving problems, and you can find me in comments talking business, or sharing helpful tips as others experience things i've shared similar! My gift is solving problems and finding solutions. I accredit much of my success to that one thing, and I just happened to love doing it! :)


Coach | Mentor | Entrepreneur | Kreative | Speaker​



- University of Washington -
c/o 2011 Sociology. Communication.
c/o 2018 Masters in Entrepreneurship

Learn TikTok growth with me!

Are you scared of TikTok & Reels?? I was too! And then I went for it!

I am teaching you how I went from 200 to 10.5k followers on TikTok, in less than 8 weeks! I also saw explosive Reels growth, and I'll be sharing that too! I teach my Business Besties all that I know, and you can catch this 'Jump In' class at any time you'd like! It's an hour and a half of PACKED info! 

Yeah, teach me!
Are you looking for a Busines Coach?

Interested in the next
Business Bestie Intensive?

My goal is to grow the next generation of Millionaires, and I do so by hosting a popular Intensive Program throughout the year where I take a cohort of entrepreneurs through 6 Weeks of hands-on experiential learnings they can use immediately to catapult their success!

It's an experience you'll never forget, and your business profits will thank you...​


Interested in the next
Business Bestie Intensive?

Yes, I'm Ready!

Check out what some of my besties are saying!

"I had no idea why I wasn’t getting the amount of traffic I wanted to my page, and I definitely wasn’t seeing the sales come in that I needed. Keisha took a look at my strategy and was quickly able to give tips and tools that immediately turned into real money. That's what I needed, RESULTS!"


"I learned about Keisha from Instagram and I was blown away by just how helpful she could be!

We talked only a few times and I was so prepared to start my new journey. She's brutally honest but it's SO needed"


"I knew it was time for me to give up the corporate gig and go full force with my business but I was so scared. I saw Keisha's story and after I reached out for her advice, I had the energy and belief in my business I needed to make the transition. It's been a few months now, and it's scary but I'm still excited! Thanks Keisha!"









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Custom Wigs & Bonnets
Established 2013
7 Figure Business

Organic Hair Care
Established 2013
5 Figure Business
SOLD 2017

Christian T-Shift Co.
Established 2016
6 Figure Business

Artisan Refillable Candles
Established 2019
Jones & Foster Business
Accelerator Funded

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